It's in the mail

Shiprack works at its best if you forward your ship-confirmation emails to us. When you send an email to [email protected], our servers comb through it and extract only what's necessary - the tracking number, a description of what it is that's being shipped, and a picture if possible. We can detect the item description because we understand emails from a variety of common retailers. When we don't recognize the email, we just use the subject line as the description. It helps you by not having to type things in by hand, and it helps us by eliminating typos, and providing you with a better experience.

E-mail integration
Auto Background Refresh for Instant Alerts

We do the heavy-lifting

So you don't have to keep reloading your browser on or, our servers do it for you. They connect to the shipping carriers' systems every now and then, to find out if your package was delivered. As soon as they see something move, they push an immediate notification to your smartphone. And you know right away what happened. This also helps improve your phone's battery life.

Cloud Nine

All tracking numbers you provide are stored on our servers in the cloud, so we can synchronize them across all your devices - on the web, on your smartphone, or your toaster oven. Even when you archive the tracking numbers, we retain them indefinitely so you have access to historical records, and so we can do research to improve our service.

Secure Cloud Storage
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Is it really free?

Like a kangaroo joey who needs a mother's milk, our servers need electricity to survive. We provide for that by leasing out screen space to advertisers. This helps reduce our costs, and allows us to make this service free for you. You can also pay $0.99 from your smartphone and get rid of these ads. That's a real treat for our servers.